Louisiana's Secretary of State Runoff Will Feature Unexpected Matchup

The November midterm election has come and gone, but Louisiana voters still have one more decision to make. The Secretary of State’s race won’t be decided until December 8th.

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Photo Credit: David Hoover

Inside the Arts: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins GLORIA and EVERYBODY, Coats For Kids Concert

This week on Inside the Arts the theater community is abuzz with not one, but two plays that were finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama by rising playwright and MacArthur Fellow Branden Jacobs-Jenkins. Theatre UNO continues its run of GLORIA. Office politics come under the microscope in this workplace comedy that takes a toxic turn. Director David Hoover joins us with cast members Danielle James and Rachel Morris. Then, the Southern Rep Acting Company tackles mortality and the meaning of...

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LGBT Splinter Group From Migrant Caravan Is The 1st To Arrive In Tijuana

A group of LGBT migrants who were part of the massive caravan slowly marching toward the U.S. made it to the coastal border city of Tijuana on Sunday. They are the first of more than 3,600 Central Americans to reach the northern border of Mexico. About 80 migrants, the majority of whom identify as LGBT, splintered off from the larger group in Mexico City after weeks of what they say was discriminatory treatment by local residents and other travelers, Honduran migrant Cesar Mejia told...

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Katrina Cleanup Proceeds as Rita Approaches

Sep 20, 2005

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New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has issued a mandatory evacuation order for everyone in his flood-stricken city.

New Orleans Mayor: Thousands Could be Dead

Aug 31, 2005

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Coming up, we'll go to Mississippi, where now more than 100 people are thought to have died in Hurricane Katrina.

January Trivia Quiz

Jan 22, 2004

Test your knowledge with 10 tough questions about Woody Allen, Tom Hanks, and 1950s game shows...

Profile: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

Nov 5, 2003

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The 1980s

Oct 16, 2002

It was the decade of big hair, Betamax, Bosom Buddies, and Bill Buckner...

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Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer / Harry Shearer

Le Show For The Week Of November 11, 2018

This week on Le Show Harry Shearer brings us The Apologies of the Week, The Appresidentice, and an interview with Bruce Schneier, author of Click Here to Kill Everybody .

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The Reading Life with Jason Berry

Hello, and welcome to The Reading Life, your weekly look at the Louisiana literary scene. I’m Susan Larson. Today, I’ll be talking with Jason Berry about his new book, “City of a Million Dreams: A History of New Orleans at Year 300.” Here’s what’s on tap in the literary life this week: Sally Asher and artist Melissa Vandiver sign “Mermaids of New Orleans, Sunday, November 11 , from noon to 3p.m. at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas during the Weeki Wachee Mermaids performance. They will...

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*TriPod: New Orleans at 300* is WWNO’s FRESH radio history of New Orleans, released in weekly segments as our city approaches its Tricentennial in 2018.


Ora King Winner Jonathan Granada
Poppy Tooker / Louisiana Eats

Louisiana Eats: Angling for the Elusive Salmon

Ora King is a sustainably raised salmon from New Zealand with a delicious history. On this week’s show, we travel to three cities to meet three chefs—all finalists in an international competition to create the most inventive Ora King salmon dish.

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Susan Larson, host of The Reading Life, talks with local authors and readers about their favorite books from three hundred years of New Orleans literature.