High-Tech Company Creates 2,000 New Jobs In New Orleans

Nov 14, 2017

More than 200 political, business and higher education leaders gathered at the Superdome Monday afternoon to hear Gov. John Bel Edwards announce high-tech company D-X-C is expanding into New Orleans. And it's bringing 2,000 new jobs starting in January.

Gov. Edwards says DXC is not publicly well known, but it has $25 billion in revenue.  It specializes in digital technology used in cybersecurity and cloud computing.

"New Orleans is transforming its international airport with a billion-dollar expansion.  Just blocks away from this very spot we have a multi-billion expansion in the medical corridor here in New Orleans," Edward said.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu called the deal an economic "game changer" for the city.

Michael Hecht of the business development group Greater New Orleans Incorporated says DXC strengthens and diversifies the regional economy in a time of uncertainty in the oil and gas industry.

"There's no doubt that energy jobs are now the largest number of jobs, and they're going continue to be very important going forward, but software jobs, digital jobs, technology jobs are going to be for the future generations," said Hecht.

Virginia-based D-X-C formed in April in a merger with Hewlett Packard and Computer Sciences Corporation. Offices will be in the Central Business District.