New Orleans Residents Lose Confidence In Police Department

Oct 3, 2017

The New Orleans Crime Coalition released its annual survey today. And - not surprising to some - it finds that most residents are not satisfied with police services.

Only 51 percent of New Orleanians said they were satisfied - that’s a 13 percent drop from last year.

Melanie Talia is president of the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation, which has conducted the annual survey for nearly a decade.

She says there could be a few reasons people are unhappy with police.

“It may be the results of some very high-profile events that we have has in our city, including some French Quarter events that certainly shocked the conscience," she said.

Two Boston tourists were beaten in the Quarter in June.

But Talia says the survey also shows French Quarter and Central Business District residents are the most confident about the police service in their neighborhoods. She says an increase in State Police patrols might’ve helped

The police department will review the 50-page report.

“We want the citizens and the residents to be satisfied with the commander of their district, and with the officers in their district. And we want that interaction and that community involvement," she said.

The biggest drops in confidence are in Algiers, Uptown, Carrollton, Lakeview, Gentilly, West End, Algiers, Irish Channel, Central City and the Garden District.