Out To Lunch: Mover Shaker Maker

Feb 12, 2015

Tim Williamson and Peter Ricchiuti.
Credit Chet Overall / It's New Orleans

In business, as in everything else, each generation finds a way to separate itself from the past. One of the interesting current generational shifts is the use of new technology to adapt and carry forward skills developed by previous generations. This group of folks call themselves “Makers.”

Eric Bernstein is a local proponent of the Maker movement and founder of a company called Werkly. And on this show Peter welcomes back one of the grandfathers of the New Orleans economic boom, CEO of the Idea Village, Tim Williamson.

It says something about the speed of change in New Orleans that we can call Tim a grandfather. In real life Tim’s a young guy with a kid barely in elementary school, but Eric Bernstein and others like him are the second wave of entrepreneurs born out of the innovative business environment fostered by The Idea Village.

In the You Heard It Here First segment, Domenic Giunta pitches his DIY manufacturing revolution, IDIYA.