Sewerage And Water Board Still Making Repairs Post-Freeze

Jan 23, 2018

The Sewerage and Water Board answered questions from New Orleans city council members Tuesday about the impact of last week’s freeze, but the agency is still taking stock.


The Sewerage and Water Board was already scheduled to go before the Public Works, Sanitation, and Environment Committee of the New Orleans City Council to present a standard quarterly report. But because things got a little crazy with the hard freeze last week — with broken pipes and boil water advisories — they faced questions about it from city council members.


Marcie Edwards is interim executive director of the Sewerage and Water Board. She says they still don’t know how much damage the weather caused.


“I think until we address everything in that particular time frame, we’re not gonna have a specific price tag,” she says.


Edwards says the freeze caused more than 400 leaks in the system. Employees and contractors are working around the clock, but so far only about 30 percent of the repairs have been made.  


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