Upcoming Deadlines For Louisiana Flood Aid Registration

Oct 10, 2016

Louisiana residents impacted by the August floods are facing two important relief deadlines this week.

Thursday, October 13th, is the last day to register for FEMA assistance.


22 Parishes were designated by FEMA to be part of the flood disaster zone. Residents in those areas can apply for recovery assistance. Some have already begun to get checks. Karen Wilkenson lives in East Baton Rouge Parish. Her home took on five feet of floodwater from the Amite river. She and her husband received more than 20 thousand dollars from FEMA in September. But she says her situation is still tenuous.


"Are we going to have to do a buyers mortgage, or whatever they're called, to fix, or not, are we going to have to borrow money?"


Flood impacted residents are facing a second deadline this week as well. Next Saturday, October 15th, is the last day to apply for the state’s Shelter at Home Program. That program evaluates flooded homes, and determines if up to 15 thousand dollars worth of repairs would enable a family to get back in their home.