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Morning Shots: A Painful Casting Couch Memory And A History Of The Harlem Shake

A cup of coffee.

I refuse to say anything about Kate Gosselinjoining Celebrity Wife Swapthat references the apocalypse in any way, because the apocalypse doesn't deserve that affiliation. [Today]

In much better news, Minnie Driverhas been added to the upcoming NBC About A Boy pilot, which started looking really promising when David Walton, most recently seen on the sadly short-lived comedy Bent, was cast in the Hugh Grant role. This one is going to be great and break my heart, I deeply fear. [TV Line]

If you're aware of the Harlem Shake (the meme), you should probably take a moment to learn at least a little about the Harlem Shake (the actual thing). [The Root]

There's something about this story about the persistence of a young playwright that makes me think a lot of people are going to read it and think, "Oh, man, I am going to be accosted by a lot of reallypersistent young playwrights." [The New York Times]

Also from the NYT, if you can't find something interesting in a story about Holland Taylor as Ann Richards, then I don't think we know each other. [The New York Times]

Thandie Newtontold CNN a pretty freaking harrowing story about being exploited as a very young actress, and how it informed her feelings about treatment of and violence against women. "What does a young woman do in that situation?" she asks. [CNN]

You'd be surprised how interesting this story about a decision at BuzzFeed to run a story about boogers actually turns out to be. [Fishbowl DC]

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