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Pop Culture Happy Hour: Justin Timberlake, LL Cool J And The Presidency

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This week's show was taped while Stephen and I were still recovering from live-blogging the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, so that was still fresh in our minds. Trey and Glen saw the show as well, so we spend some time this week talking about the awards, the performances, and whether we learned anything. You will experience my new way of tormenting Stephen, and perhaps you'll want to join in! We talk about Adele's dress, Grammy fashions, a song that really scares Glen, and too-short tributes to Dick Clark and Dave Brubeck. And we share our favorite post-Grammys tweet, as well. (If you're interested in all this music and you happen to have Spotify, you can check out our Grammys PCHH playlist.)

In honor of both President's Day and the launch of Netflix's House Of Cards(which we probably will cover in more depth once we get through the Oscars and our preparation for them), we talk this week about presidents in pop culture — and specifically, the fact that you don't see as many movies and TV shows about presidents as you might think you would.

And as always, we close with what's making us happy this week. Stephen is riveted this week by a long and fascinating magazine article (which got an important addendum later). Trey is happy about a portrait series that's been featured on NPR. Glen is happy about a new Postal Service single and two interviews from Marc Maron's show. I find myself surprisingly happy about a TV show I'd largely given up on — and impressed with the person who brought it back for me.

We really do appreciate it when you find us on Facebook, because that's where we know to find you for open questions, ideas for shows, and opportunities for everyone who listens to the show to talk to each other. We don't post a lot of stuff that will show up on your timeline; it's mostly show stuff and an occasional piece of content from one of us at NPR, and in return, you can come ask questions, tell us what you want to hear more about, and get an occasional piece of intel about what we've got planned. (That's where we first posted information about the live show, and the next one we do one — we hope — it will probably show up there first.) If you're not a Facebook type — or even if you are — you can follow us on Twitter: me, Trey,Glen, Stephen, Jess, and our producer emeritus and music director Mike.

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