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2014 Wall Calendar: January (Round Two)

Ellen Weinstein's art for the NPR Wall Calendar.
Ellen Weinstein
Ellen Weinstein's art for the NPR Wall Calendar.

With so many great designs for the 2014 NPR Wall Calendar, we went ahead and added an extra month. Ok, so this illustration is for January 2015.

The illustration, titled "Small Things Considered," is the work of New York artist Ellen Weinstein. An instructor at the Rhodes Island School of Design (and WNYC listener), Weinstein told NPR that her "morning routine consists of drinking coffee, listening to Morning Edition while my mini-long haired dachshund patiently waits for his morning walk. I imagine he too is absorbing the world in the amount of time it takes to drink a cup of morning brew."

You can see all the artwork featured in this new NPR Wall Calendar and hear from the artists themselves, here.

Every year, we ask artists and illustrators to channel their NPR listening (and love) into art for the NPR Wall Calendar, and we're sharing these designs with you. The 2014 NPR Wall Calendar is available for purchase in the at .

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