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How To Teach Kids About Money

Many Americans can't rely on savings alone during times of crisis. ()
Many Americans can't rely on savings alone during times of crisis. ()

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an economic crisis that many Americans are continuing to deal with. The last few months have seen long lines to receive unemployment benefits and over 100 million people cashing stimulus checks. It has become increasingly clear that a large number of Americans have little in savings to rely on. And some say this can be attributed to a lack of financial literacy taught in schools.

Find another conversation about education and financial health. 

As Rebecca Shoval writes inBusiness Insider:

We expect adults to be able to tackle a myriad of personal financial matters, from deciding whether to rent or buy a home to saving for retirement. We ask 17- and 18-year-old high school students to pick colleges and potentially be saddled with debt from those choices for next 25+ years. […] Yet we don’t equip people with the skills to make these decisions.

We’re talking about teaching kids about personal finance.

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Haili Blassingame

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