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Seeing Silence: One Photographer’s Mission To Find The World’s Quietest Places (Rebroadc

When you think of Mt. Everest, you might picture towering, snow-covered peaks. But what do you hear? What does a snowstorm atop the world’s highest peak actually sound like? 

Or when you think of the Amazon Rainforest, you might see images flash through your brain of lush green trees and brightly colored frogs. But if you listen, it’s a cacophony of calls made by birds, reptiles, and simians. 

Photographer and filmmaker Pete McBridehas been photographing these wild places for years. But for his new book, he wants you to hear them, too.

We ask him about the places he’s documented in his book“Seeing Silence: The Beauty of the World’s Most Quiet Places.” We also hear from Erik Weihenmayer who wrote the prologue for the book. 

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Amanda Williams

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