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'The Big Dig' unpacks the legacy of the country's costliest highway project

The Big Dig construction site sits empty near Boston, MA.
The Big Dig construction site sits empty near Boston, MA.

Whether it’s high-speed rail or highway reconstruction, infrastructure projects in the U.S. are often associated with high price tags and lengthy timelines

Perhaps no project captures this better than Boston’s Central Artery Tunnel project, more commonly known as the Big Dig. 

It’s the nation’s most expensive highway project. And it took more than two decades to plan and build.

How can the government more effectively manage infrastructure projects? What lessons can we take away from the decades-long, multi-billion dollar highway project for the future?

GBH News’ “The Big Dig” is a nine-part podcast series exploring those questions and more. Host Ian Coss joins us.

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Lauren Hamilton

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