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The 1A Book Club returns with 'You Dreamed of Empires' by Álvaro Enrigue

‘You Dreamed of Empires’ is the latest book from Mexican author Álvaro Enrigue, translated into English by Natasha Wimmer. It’s a retelling of the colonial conquest of Mexico City and the clashing of two cultures.

Little is known about what happened once Hernan Cortes stepped foot in Tenochtitlan (modern-day Mexico City) and that historical gap is where the novel takes place. It’s less of a play-by-play of historical events and more of a reimagining of the conquest of this great empire. It’s dark, twisty, and funny too — with psychedelic rock and magic mushrooms playing a pivotal role.

The 1A Book Club is back, and we sit down with Álvaro Enrigue to talk about ‘You Dreamed of Empires.’

If you want to participate in our book club, send us your thoughts as you read along. Email us, call us, or leave a message with our app, 1A Vox Pop.We’ll also be discussing the book on Goodreads. 

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Arfie Ghedi

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