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UNO Art Professor Anna Mecugni as a Public Advocate for Dread Scott's Slave Rebellion Reenactment

Karl Lengel
UNO Art Professor Anna Mecugni

The Slave Rebellion Reenactment of the German Coast Uprising of 1811 gets underway along the Mississippi Friday, November 8. Dread Scott’s project, six years in the making, will feature hundreds of actors recalling the historical impact of the rebellion. Numerous community agencies are involved, and the reeenactment is only a piece of the project’s lifespan.

Earlier this week, WWNO’s Karl Lengel talked with Dread Scott, the artist who envisioned the performance piece, and today, Anna Mecugni joins joins the conversation. Anna, in addition to her work as an Assistant Professor of Art History at UNO, has been engaged as a public advocate in the project with Antenna Works, which supports the artist’s work through its Spillways Residency funding. Anna provides perspective on the significance of art in historical perspective, and talks about the life of the reenactment beyond the performance.

For more information about the reenactment, you can visit For information about Antenna Works, visit For more about artist Suzanne Lacy, visit For more about the Roundtable at UNO on November 13, visit this link:

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