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Smartphone App Developed In Louisiana Helps Hunters To 'Hunt Smarter'

Kevin Chang
The Huntsoft hunting app was created by a pair of Louisiana deer hunters with years of experience in the software industry.

Louisiana has been called a “sportsman's paradise,” and now big game hunters are getting the high-tech treatment with a new smartphone app.

Huntsoft was created by Randall Nachman, an avid hunter with years of experience in the software industry.  Nachman started his second business, a loan processing and document management company, at the Louisiana Technology Park seven years ago.

Huntsmart has been in development for three years — first as a web-based service, and now, as a mobile app. The goal of HuntSmart is to help hunters to "hunt smarter" using data.

Traditionally, hunters use a paper log to track game sightings. But enter sightings into the HuntSoft mobile app, and it will automatically tag each entry with weather conditions and lunar details. Users can also create a map of hunting properties, and manage leases and trail cameras.

The app’s creators say the collection of data points can help hunters understand patterns and forecast animal movements — and that leads to a more successful hunt.

There’s also a social networking component that allows hunters to connect and message each other and share information and photos.

Hunt Soft is free for the first hunting property. And it can be used deep in the woods, where there is no Internet connection.

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