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Montegut man's big catch: 800-pound alligator

It was a huge catch for a Montegut commercial fisherman: a 12-foot-long, 800 pound alligator found in the Intracoastal Waterway at Bourg.

The Courier reports 35-year-old Rob Neil had gone alligator hunting in the waterway Wednesday when he spotted the huge 'gator. He had to shoot the reptile 15 times with a .22-caliber rifle.

Neil said it was the first alligator he ever caught. He sold the gator to Big Al's Seafood restaurant in Houma for $350.

Al Mahler, owner of Big Al's, said he has seen some 12- to 13-foot alligators, but the heaviest was 600 pounds. Mahler will serve the meat from Neil's catch on his restaurant's tables.

The skin will be shipped to Italy or France for clothing, shoes, purses and other products.

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