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New Orleans Planners Talk About Zoning And New Vision For Water Management


The New Orleans City Council just passed the first new Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance in 40 years. One part of the ordinance, Article 23, mandates a more “green” approach to water in the city — specifically, all the extra water we get from heavy rain and storms. The ordinance clears the way for new ditches, rain barrels and more to help retain and absorb storm water, instead of letting it pour into the sewer.

WWNO Coastal Reporter Jesse Hardman sat down with New Orleans’s water management team: Cedric Grant, Executive Director of the Sewerage and Water Board; Bob Rivers, the City Planning Commission’s Executive Director; and the city’s first ever storm water manager, Prisca Weems. 

The discussion covered the new CZO, and the city's vision for how water will be managed going forward.

As the new Coastal Reporter, Jesse Hardman will draw on 15 years of worldwide experience in radio, video and print journalism. As a radio reporter he has reported for NPR, BBC, and CBC, and for such familiar programs as Marketplace, This American Life, Latino USA, and Living on Earth. He served as a daily news reporter and news magazine producer for WBEZ in Chicago.

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