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$1.6 Billion Flood Recovery Plan Approved By Task Force

Jessica Rosgaard
Flooding in Gonzales, Louisiana; August 2016

The federal government has already allocated $1.6 billion to Louisiana to aid in recovery from the August flood. Today, the Restore Louisiana Task Force approved the Governor’s plan on how to spend it. 

A large majority of the federal recovery money -- $1.3 billion -- will be spent on home repairs.

The focus is on over 36-thousand homes that took on major damage and were not covered by flood insurance.

Pat Forbes, Executive Director of Office of Community Development, explained that federal rules require 70% of the funding be directed towards people with low-to-moderate income. They’ll receive the full cost to repair their homes.

“Until we’ve fully met the needs of low-to-moderate income people in the state, impacted by the floods, we can’t go spend money on other things,” Forbes said.

The task force also approved a measure allowing the state to seek a waiver, instead dedicating 50% of the money for low-to-moderate income households.

Governor Edwards administration continued to emphasize that $1.6 billion is not enough for the state to fully recover. Edwards will make several more trips to Washington, D.C. to request another $2 billion in recovery funding.

This report has been brought to you by the Louisiana Public Radio Partnership, with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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