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Life Raft: So You've Got Climate Anxiety. Here's What You Can Do With It.

Hosted by Lauren Malara and Travis Lux, Life Raft explores your questions about living with climate change.
Laura Sanders

No matter where you fall on the eco-anxiety spectrum, on a scale from low-key stressed to lying up at night in a dread spiral, you could probably use some advice on doing something about it. Climate change can be scary, after all.

We talk with science writer Britt Wray, who has been researching the overlap of mental health and climate change. She defines some terms, offers some tips and tricks, and shares her personal experience with feelings of climate dread. Plus, she tells a fun story of that time she gave a presentation on climate denial and eco-stress to a bunch of energy executives.

Listen here.

Here are some great resources for digging deeper on climate change feelings:

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