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Listening Post: Add Your Voice On Healthcare


Question of the Week

The Listening Post Questions for September 5 - 19

  • What was the last big health issue you or your family had?
  • How/Where did you get help?
  • How much did it cost, and how did you pay for it?

 If you’d like to voice your opinion on these questions in person, drop by our listening post devices at the Norman Mayer Library (3001 Gentilly Blvd.) and HeadQuarters Barbershop (1101 N. Broad St.).
The Listening Post project seeks to establish a two-way conversation with the citizens of New Orleans. Participants can both contribute thoughts and commentary about important issues in their neighborhoods, and also receive news and information important to local communities.

Get your Listening Post updates at:

Twitter (@LP_NOLA)



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