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New Orleans School Returns To Local Control For First Time Since Katrina

Today, for the first time, a charter school board voted to transfer from the Recovery School District back to the Orleans Parish School Board.

When the Recovery School District was created in 2003, the directive was clear: take over failing schools, turn them around, then transfer them back to the Orleans Parish School Board.

But now charter school boards decide whether to transfer to local control or stay in the state-run RSD. Until now, no eligible schools have returned to OPSB.

But reports that Friends of King, which runs Martin Luther King Jr. Charter, decided today to transfer back.

Friends of King voted last month to stay with the RSD. But tensions over the student enrollment process led the charter board to reverse its decision.

This year 36 schools meet the academic criteria to transfer back to OPSB. The boards that oversee 20 of those schools have already opted to stay put. The remaining boards have until January 5 to make their decisions.

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