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Teachers, What Have You Learned This Year?

Aubri Juhasz
Students work on an early literacy lesson at KIPP Central City Primary.

WWNO’s Education Desk wants to collect stories from New Orleans teachers.* Tell us what you’ve learned this year and how it’s influenced the way you teach. Your answers could appear on-air or online.

To participate, please answer the following questions in the form of a voice memo and email it to Check out this helpful guide before recording your answers.

Once you start recording, tell us your name, age, what subject and/or grade you teach, and the name of your school. Then it’s time to answer the big question.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this school year and how has it changed the way you teach?

If you can, be specific about your experiences. Did you learn this lesson in a particular moment or slowly over time? What's changed about the way you teach and how have your students responded? Are you feeling prepared heading into the spring semester or is the pandemic still making it hard to find your stride?

Your answers can be broad or precise. Please share whatever feels most important to you even if it falls outside one of these questions.

Other information you may want to share:

-How long you've been teaching.

-What mode you’ve primarily been teaching in (virtual, in-person, or hybrid).

-Whether you’ve had to navigate a quick pivot to online learning, contracted the virus yourself, or been asked to quarantine due to possible exposure.

If you’re uncomfortable recording your answers as a voice memo, please email to schedule a recorded interview. 

*We’re looking for voices from a variety of educators. You do not need to be a classroom teacher to share your story. You do need to work at a public or private school within New Orleans city limits.

Aubri Juhasz is the education reporter for New Orleans Public Radio. Before coming to New Orleans, she was a producer for National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. She helped lead the show's technology and book coverage and reported her own feature stories, including the surge in cycling deaths in New York City and the decision by some states to offer competitive video gaming to high school students as an extracurricular activity.

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