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Earth Day Composting

Your best crops may spring up from your backyard compost.
Your best crops may spring up from your backyard compost.

Tomorrow is Earth Day. While I risk sounding cliché, every day should be Earth Day. Instead, we treat the planet like trash. So, what is to be done?

For those of you who are discovering the joys of growing and cooking with fresh ingredients, might composting serve as one small step towards ecological responsibility? I know that sticking out of my market bags are voluminous carrot tops and leek greens. And that’s only that which I couldn’t fit inside the bag. Sometimes, I make stock with this excess fiber. Other times, I cut and disregard.

Please believe me when I say that the moment I started to compost, I became a superior gardener. You may discover that your best crops spring up from the compost. Whether lazy gardener or eco-warrior, now is a good time to stop wasting precious vegetable scraps and compost.

For the WWNO Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.

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