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Eat Local Challenge

Each year, food system solutionaries attempt to eat within 200 miles of New Orleans as part of the Eat Local Challenge. This is a marvelously interactive addition to our local food revolution.

However, the Challenge triggers deeper questions about local self-reliance. While you may find Louisiana rice on sale, why is it you don’t find local rice vinegar? Rice wine or rice syrup? The same could be said of pecans and sugar. This raises questions about economic development priorities at the state level.

For example, I marvel at the ingenuity of farmer Henry Amato, who processes Ponchatoula strawberries for Abita’s strawberry ale. But, consider the entire bottle of beer. Which other ingredients could be grown and processed here? This is where you, the consumer, come in. Talk to farmers. Make your voice heard.

For WWNO, this is Richard McCarthy.

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