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Canning's comeback


Have you noticed the unexpected knitting revival? Or how about the new stores devoted to the art of sewing, like Oak Street's Sew Fabulous? Another old-school favorite that’s enjoying a come back is canning.

Farmers markets are contributing to this rediscovery. Sure, any recession-minded shopper knows to purchase products at the peak of the season to get the best deals: say, okra in August versus June. However, it takes a particular set of skills to handle a bushel or a peck of what market vendors refer to as "seconds."

One market vendor who uses them is Anita de Boisblanc. She's the celebrated jam lady. Her Creole green tomato sauce is an ideal base for an easy weeknight dinner. Heat, season and serve over rice. However, you can learn how to can, too.

The next Discover You Can teaching event will take place Saturday, August 25 at the Crescent City Farmers Market, 700 Magazine Street, from 9 – 11 a.m. For more details, log onto

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