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Jindal Names 3 To Levee Board That Sued Oil Companies

Gov. Bobby Jindal has named three new members to a Louisiana flood control board that filed a lawsuit against 97 oil and gas companies over damage to coastal wetlands.

Jindal had made clear that anyone who supported the suit would not be re-appointed to the nine-member Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East.

The members appointed Wednesday are Lambert Hassinger Jr., a New Orleans attorney; Jefferson Angers, of Baton Rouge, head of an organization that promotes conservation for recreational fishing; and Kelly McHugh, of Madisonville, president of a civil engineering firm.

They replace members John Barry and Dave Barnes, whose terms had expired, and Ricardo Pineda, who never received Senate confirmation. Tim Doody, whose term also expired, remains on the board pending Jindal's decision on whether to re-appoint or replace him.

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