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Coast Guard Reopens Mississippi River After Spill

The Mississippi River.

The Mississippi River in Louisiana has reopened to vessel traffic after an oil spill. Mariners are asked to report any oil spotted along the river.

The Coast Guard says more than 31,000 gallons of crude oil spilled from a barge that collided with a towboat Saturday. Just over 1,000 gallons of an oily water mix have been recovered.

River traffic between New Orleans and Baton Rouge was blocked, leaving vessels stuck in traffic.

Petty Officer Matthew Schofield says mariners are asked to help locate any oil in the river.

“We have crews that are both going in the air and on the shore side, and they’re doing thorough evaluations to see exactly where it is," Schofield said. "And if they do find it, they’re booming it off or they’re doing anything they can to mitigate it so that it doesn’t impact anything that’s a sensitive area.”   

The Port of New Orleans has resumed normal operations.

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