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Coastal Flood Warning In Effect Through Tuesday

Heavy rainfall Sunday and overnight is causing flooding and high tides in coastal Louisiana. There was a small breach in the levee in a Myrtle Grove subdivision, according to Fox 8 television, and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries evacuated 23 people from a flooded trailer park in Tangipahoa Parish this morning.

The National Weather service has extended a coastal flood warning overnight.

NOAA meteorologist Frank Rivette says the worst of it is over, but tides are still high.

Rivette says the winds are still moderate. “But the wind speeds have certainly relaxed compared to yesterday,” says Rivette. “It’s still going to take some time for some of this water to diminish from these coastal areas.”

While it was a significant storm, he says, it doesn’t compare to a hurricane. The coastal flood warning ends at 7 a.m. Tuesday. 

Support for WWNO's Coastal Desk comes from the Greater New Orleans Foundation, the Coypu Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation. 

Tegan has reported on the coast for WWNO since 2015. In this role she has covered a wide range of issues and subjects related to coastal land loss, coastal restoration, and the culture and economy of Louisiana’s coastal zone, with a focus on solutions and the human dimensions of climate change. Her reporting has been aired nationally on Planet Money, Reveal, All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Marketplace, BBC, CBC and other outlets. She’s a recipient of the Pulitzer Connected Coastlines grant, CUNY Resilience Fellowship, Metcalf Fellowship, and countless national and regional awards.

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