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All The Things You Can And Can't (But Mostly Can't) Do Under The New Mardi Gras Rules

Unwanted or broken Mardi Gras cups can be thrown in with your regular recycling.
Jessica Rosgaard

The New Orleans City Council has approved a slate of new rules for this Mardi Gras season.

Here are the many things you can't do and a few things you can.

DO NOT: Park large trucks, cargo vans, trucks with port-a-lets, campers, RVs or trailers within two blocks of a parade route four hours before and four hours after a parade.

DO NOT: Put any tents or ladders in public right-of-ways four hours or more in the advance of the first parade or after the last parade on that route. The city can and will remove ladders and tents.

DO NOT: Put up fences on the neutral ground or any other public property.

DO NOT: Throw paper steamers or other paper products that do not biodegrade when wet, or empty single-use plastic bags.

DO NOT: Throw bulk throws, such as bags of unopened doubloons, beads, cups, trinkets or toys. Remove them from the packaging and dispose of it properly, then hand them out.

DO NOT: Hold a new walking parade. The city has limited the number of Mardi Gras Day walking parades to the current existing six parades.

DO: Plan to pull your float with a tractor or horse, no other vehicles.

DO: Limit your parade to twelve elements. Those are defined as: marching bands, military bands, dance clubs, walking clubs, riding clubs or dance troupes in a Mardi Gras float parade larger than a group of fifteen participants, not including chaperones, helpers, support vehicles and public safety vehicles.

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