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A Symphony Is Born: Haydn And A New Frontier

Franz Joseph Haydn: Father of the Symphony, Father of the String Quartet.

On this program we explore the riches of both genres via the energetic Symphony No. 70 and the foreboding G-minor string quartet. What makes Haydn so ground-breaking? How did he affect what happened in music after him-- Mozart, Beethoven, and beyond? We dig in via the history and interviews with the LPO music director and Benjamin Thacher, violinist. Also on the program is the moving Lyric for Strings by George Walker and a special "plucking" surprise at the end. 


Haydn Symphony No. 70; Carlos Miguel Prieto, conducting

Walker Lyric for Strings; Lina González-Granados, conducting 

Haydn String Quartet Op. 20 No. 3 Sun; Lott String Quartet

J. Strauss II New Pizzicato Polka; Carlos Miguel Prieto, conducting 

Note: While part of the original broadcast and thus included in these notes, for rights reasons, Lyric for Strings is not included in this audio file.

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