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This week on Le Show Harry brings us News of the Atom, News of Microplastics, News of the Olympic Movement, News of Nice People, Keeping up with the Murdochs, News of the Godly, The Apologies of the Week, and musical selections from his latest project, The Many Moods of Donald Trump, including “Son in Law,” and “COVID 180.”

Continuum presents a program devoted to the music of Guillaume Dufay, who was a Franco-Flemish composer and music theorist of the early Renaissance and the most important composer of his time. He belonged to the group of composers known as the Burgundian School. Dufay had more influence on music in Europe than any other composer of the 15th century and is considered the first major composer of the beginning of the Renaissance period.

Photo courtesy of Blue Ocean Mariculture via NOAA.

Huge floating fish farms in the Gulf of Mexico? Plans were in the works, until this week.

White Linen Night is reimagined.  The popular Arts District gallery stroll is now called, White Linen Light, as it occurs in the galleries during business hours, Monday through Saturday, all month long. Arts District New Orleans Association vice president Matthew Showman chats with us by phone.


American Routes Shortcuts: Donald Harrison

Aug 7, 2020
Donald Harrison
American Routes

This is American Routes Live from Marigny Studios with jazz saxophonist Donald Harrison and Quintet. I talked with Donald between songs about his life in music, from growing up in New Orleans to playing with Art Blakey in New York, and putting his own stamp on modern jazz.