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Amazon is cutting another 9,000 jobs as tech industry keeps shrinking

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said the company is slashing 9,000 more jobs, bringing the total cuts since Nov. 2021 to 27,000.
Mark Lennihan
Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said the company is slashing 9,000 more jobs, bringing the total cuts since Nov. 2021 to 27,000.

Updated March 20, 2023 at 2:14 PM ET

Amazon is cutting another 9,000 workers, adding to the massive downsizing happening across an embattled tech sector that is uncertain about the economic future.

The layoffs will happen "in the next few weeks," according to CEO Andy Jassy, who announced the cuts in a memo shared with staff and uploaded in a blog post on Monday.

"This was a difficult decision, but one that we think is best for the company long term," Jassy wrote in the memo. He said the layoffs will mostly hit employees in its cloud platform, people's experience department that works with employees, advertising, and the Twitch video service.

Earlier this year, Jassy announced the company would lay off 18,000 workers. Last November he'd said therewere eliminations coming and a media report at the time put the expected number of layoffs at closer to 10,000.

The company has also paused construction on its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, a space that was expected to bring more than 25,000 jobs to the region.

Like other Big Tech companies, Amazon's workforce ballooned during the pandemic, reaching a peak of 1.6 million employees in 2021.

The rapid hiring "made sense given what was happening in our businesses and the economy as a whole," said Jassy on Monday. "However, given the uncertain economy in which we reside, and the uncertainty that exists in the near future, we have chosen to be more streamlined in our costs and headcount."

Jassy said the company aims to make final decisions on impacted roles by "mid to late April."

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Corrected: March 19, 2023 at 11:00 PM CDT
A previous version of this story stated that Amazon announced 10,000 layoffs in November. Amazon only announced that there would be layoffs.
Mary Yang
Mary Yang is an intern on the Business Desk where she covers technology, media, labor and the economy. She comes to NPR from Foreign Policy where she covered the beginning of Russia's war in Ukraine and built a beat on Southeast Asia, Asia and the Pacific Islands.

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