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Linda Seabright

Linda Seabright

Host of Le Jazz Hot

Jazz enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the epitome of musical passion! Linda Seabright, a seasoned producer and host with a rich background spanning over two decades in both Public Radio and commercial markets across California, stands at the forefront of the industry.

Her illustrious journey includes the creation and hosting of captivating shows that have graced the airwaves, captivating audiences with her distinctive voice and insightful commentary. Notably, her documentary, "Healing New Orleans through Music," emerged as a poignant masterpiece, broadcast on NorCal Public Media in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This compelling piece featured exclusive interviews with iconic figures such as Elvis Costello, Herbie Hancock, and other luminaries, offering a unique glimpse into the transformative power of music in the face of adversity.

Linda Seabright's love for traditional jazz acts as a magnetic force, drawing her to the vibrant city where the heartbeat of this genre pulsates fervently. In this cultural haven, she finds herself not just a resident, but a passionate advocate eager to share her profound appreciation for the timeless art of jazz with her listeners. Enjoy a musical journey like no other, as Linda Seabright brings the spirit of jazz alive, transcending boundaries and resonating with the souls of all who lend an ear.