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Sara Henegan

Development Assistant

Sara Henegan is the Development Assistant at New Orleans Public Radio. As a life-long listener and fan of NPR, Sara loves any opportunity she gets to speak with donors about their shared love of news, arts & culture, and public media in general. Sara got her start in public radio during her freshman year at Hobart & William Smith Colleges while working at WEOS-89.5FM; she worked in a variety of capacities, including, holding parabolic microphones on the field during football games, operating the board during live sporting events, writing promotional and community announcements, and producing and hosting the local news during All Things Considered.

Before joining New Orleans Public Radio, Sara worked as a campaign director in non-profit fundraising and community organizing in New Orleans and across the nation. Amongst her many highlights, Sara loved recruiting and training her staff to be able to surpass fundraising goals and ultimately increase donor involvement for some of the leading progressive organizations in the country.

When Sara is not talking about what she heard on the radio, you’ll most likely see her dancing with her kids at any given festival that New Orleans offers.