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Sea Change

Salty Chefs

Food connects us to our past, to our memories, to each other, and to the world around us. It’s powerful. But food systems–from how we grow or catch things to how we transport them –are also incredibly complex. As climate change increasingly impacts the world, we are seeing some of the first effects of that through our food.

So we’ve been wondering… How can we keep enjoying the food we love to eat without hurting the ecosystems it comes from? And how can we support the people who make a livelihood producing that food? Today on Sea Change, we meet some amazing chefs to help us answer those questions. First, we go into the kitchen of Top Chef finalist, Isaac Toups, to learn how he connects cooking with activism for saving the coast. And then we speak to a group of chefs who are just as passionate about what they put on our plates as they are about protecting the place we live…from the wetlands of Louisiana to the entire planet.

A special thanks to Chef Isaac Toups, Chef Dana Honn, Chef Erik Nunley, and Chef April Bellows.

For more information about the Chef’s Brigade: https://www.chefsbrigade.org

Hosted by Carlyle Calhoun and Halle Parker.

Sea Change is a production of WWNO and WRKF. We are part of the NPR Podcast Network and distributed by PRX.

Halle Parker reports on the environment for WWNO's Coastal Desk. You can reach her at hparker@wwno.org.
Carlyle Calhoun is the managing producer of Sea Change. You can reach her at: carlyle@wwno.org