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Sea Change

We Could All Use A Little Creativity

We know that everyone has a role in tackling the climate crisis, so what about artists? We talk with Atlanta-based artist Heather Bird Harris, who has begun making her own paint out of the earth to talk about environmental crises in Louisiana. And we sit down with ecologist Ashley Booth and historianJeffery Darensbourg to hear how art can combine with other disciplines to communicate in a way they can't.

Then, we go to A Studio in the Woods — literally, a studio tucked deep in the woods — to see a rock puppet show grappling with our increasingly extreme weather. Artists and musicians Quintron and Miss Pussycat then join us for a thoughtful conversation about the profound effect weather has on our lives. They discuss how they use their work to process their own experiences — and how it could help us give us a new perspective on long-standing problems.

To hear a livestream of Quintron’s Weather Warlock, visit https://weatherfortheblind.org/.

To learn more about Quintron and Miss Pussycat’s work and upcoming tour, visit their website here.

And to read more about the global movement to forage for materials to make art, check out Halle's recent work profiling Heather and another Louisiana artist as well as the Wild Pigment Project.

This week's episode is hosted by Halle Parker and Carlyle Calhoun.

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Halle Parker reports on the environment for WWNO's Coastal Desk. You can reach her at hparker@wwno.org.
Carlyle Calhoun is the managing producer of Sea Change. You can reach her at: carlyle@wwno.org