All Things New Orleans: From Katrina To The 1,000-Year Flood

Sep 1, 2016

This week, as we mark another anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the levee breaches and floods, our minds turn to the tens of thousands of flood victims across south Louisiana. As they take first steps toward recovery, WWNO devotes this week's "All Things New Orleans" program to lessons learned, resources shared, and well wishes from our city to the deluged areas around Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

Knowing all too well what it's like to have water sweep through, and wash away everyday life, we hear from post-Katrina nonprofit startup The St. Bernard Project, insights from our Listening Post community journalism project, a long-term flood recovery plan already taking shape in the community of Denham Springs, and the story of one woman who left flooded New Orleans East, only to lose her home a second time in Baton Rouge.