American Routes Shortcuts: Leap Day

Feb 28, 2020

Sun Ra
Credit American Routes

This week on American Routes, it’s a rare Leap Year show with Guilty Pleasures and Forgotten Treasures. As the 29th of February rolls around we take stock of our circles round the sun, just for cosmic fun, not so much to analyze but to imagine our years in space and time. We’ll have music from fellow travelers: The Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, King Pleasure, and Sun Ra.


Nick Spitzer: It’s American Routes’ Leap Year program where we keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical year so the seasons don’t drift. The name "leap year" comes from a leap of two days of the week the following year. Our Leap Year music for Earths’ spinning day and night orbit of the sun includes Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles. Our earthbound need to find freedom in flight from the gravity of everyday life is with Our Native Daughters and It’s a Beautiful Day.

NS: Thanks to Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Arkestra. Let’s jump with Leap Year party music a la 1952. It’s King Pleasure on a Lester Young tune heralding the jazz broadcast of New York City DJ Symphony Sid, on American Routes for Leap Year.

NS: King Pleasure with an ode to Symphony Sid and marking our celebration of the Leap Year with Guilty Pleasures and Forgotten Treasures. 

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