CONTINUUM: The Play of Robin and Marion

Continuum presents excerpts from the medieval Play of Robin and Marion (Jeu de Robin et Marion). It is the earliest secular play with music, written in around 1282 to 1283, and is the most famous work of Adam de la Halle (1220-1288). It was first performed at the Angevin Court in Naples around this time. The story is a dramatization of a traditional genre of medieval French song, the pastourelle. Recordings used are: Le Jeu de Robin et Marion (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis) - Focus 913, Le jeu de Robin et Marion (Ensemble Perceval) - Arion ARN 68162, Arras 1300 (N.O. Musica da Camera) - Centaur CRC 2583, and Touveres (Sequentia) - DHM 77155-2-RC.