CONTINUUM: Satires, Desires & Excesses - Songs from the Carmina Burana

Continuum presents excerpts from the 12th century manuscript, Carmina Burana (The Songs from Beuern). This medieval manuscript was discovered in 1803 in the library of the Bavarian Benedictine monastery of Benedictbeuern in southern Germany. The songs, numbering over 200, are mostly bawdy, irreverent and satirical, and are in three categories: Moral and Sacred Songs, Songs of Springtime and Love, and Songs of Gambling, Eating and Drinking.This important manuscript inspired German composer Carl Orff to write his famous scenic cantata of the same name in 1936. The performance is by New Orleans Musica da Camera from their CD, Satires, Desires & Excesses - Centaur CRC 2145.