Debris Found In 17th Street Canal Levee

Jul 11, 2014

Workers pump cement slurry into the foundation of the 17th Street Canal in March 2011.
Credit U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The US Army Corps of Engineers says there is no major threat from debris found inside the 17th Street Canal levee.

Corps critics aren’t so sure.

Chunks of concrete, bricks and glass were discovered during work to install sheet piling.

The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection District—East has been assured by the Corps that the material is being removed.

Sandy Rosenthal founded after the catastrophic levee breaches following Hurricane Katrina nine years ago.

She says there is concern the debris will create a gap between the levee and the floodwall.

Rosenthal tells WWL-TV that if another gap forms, the levee could breach.

The Corps says it intends to remove bits of debris that are larger than the size of a brick.