'He Cared About Others First': Remembering Jawan Bradley

Oct 16, 2019

New Orleans has one of the highest murder rates in the country, and research shows more than half of the young people in this city have lost someone to homicide - most often to gun violence. Students at George Washington Carver High School are no exception, and they have stories to tell - not just about the trauma of losing someone - but about the lives of the people they've lost. Together with WWNO education reporter Jess Clark and radio producer Eve Abrams, a group of Carver students produced the series '"This Is Why It Matters" for WWNO.

Jawan Bradley, or "Bug," is one person we remember.  He was a smooth talker, a dedicated brother and new father, and an unapologetic "momma's boy." He was killed in February 2019, at age 20.

Students met with Bug’s mother, Tammy Bradley, his sisters Shawanda and Kawanda Warren, and Carver educator Richard Johnson to talk about who Bug was.

This piece was produced with support from Images and Voices of Hope and Do Good Nola.

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