How Does Living In A Red State Impact Your Blue City Life?

Mar 30, 2017

Earlier this month, Louisiana State Senator Bill Cassidy held a town hall meeting at the East Jefferson Parish Library. The Listening Post crew wanted to look at this national conversation on the ‘rural/urban’ divide on a local level. New Orleans is more liberal in comparison to the rest of the state, so we asked y’all: 

1)   New Orleans is a ‘blue’ city within a 'red’ state - how does this impact you in your daily life?

2)   How often do you interact with folks that share different values than you? Any good stories about engaging folks in person with differing opinions?

The Listening Post project seeks to establish a two-way conversation with the citizens of New Orleans. Participants can both contribute thoughts and commentary about important issues in their neighborhoods, and also receive news and information important to local communities.

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