Inside The Arts: Art And A/C, The Lying King, Terraforming In The Anthropocene

Aug 28, 2018

This week on Inside the Arts, ever thought you'd be hoping for hotter days in August? Well, that wish could lead you to a free visit to some of the coolest spots in town. That's the idea behind the Helis Foundation's Art and A/C campaign. We talk with Helis Foundation managing director, Jessie Haynes.

Then, conversation with artist and children's author Alex Beard. His latest book, The Lying King, is a parable that takes us to the animal kingdom. It approaches the subject of lying in a time Beard feels truth is under siege.

And, artist Hannah Chalew stops by to explain her latest installation, Terraforming in the Anthropocene. The artwork explores what it means to live in an age of global warming.  Chalew is joined by cellist Gary Washington.

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