John Williams: The Concertos

Apr 14, 2019

American composer John Williams began arranging and scoring music for film and television in the late 1950s. In a career spanning sixty years, Williams has composed iconic themes for Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., the Olympics, NBC News, the Star Wars films, and the Harry Potter films.

Since the 1960s, Williams has also been creatng concert-pieces and concertos that are separate from his movie projects. While many of these compositions share a sonic landscape with his film scores, several -- including the Violin Concerto -- exhibit a serious and deeply-felt harmonic language.

John Williams: Cello Concerto (Opening Theme & Cadenza)

John Williams: Treesong -- "The Tree Sings"

John Williams: Bassoon Concerto "Five Sacred Trees" (Opening)

John Williams: Violin Concerto (Opening)

John Williams: Horn Concerto (Pastorale and The Hunt)

John Williams: Oboe Concerto (Finale)

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