Le Show For Sept. 29, 2013

Sep 29, 2013

Today on Le Show, Harry Shearer takes the university town of Oxford, England by storm. The on air personality pokes fun at the academics on Oxford’s campus characterizing them as brains by day, drunks by night. Shearer turns his attention to the Libor Scandal comparing the likeliness of prosecution to that of JP Morgan officials. In U.S. news, the public in the Bonneville area have been warned not to eat the fish from the dam due to contaminants in the fish.

On the News Maker Line, Shearer gives the audience some stats on Halloween and interviews a special guest who calls the show to clear up some common misconceptions. Rounding out the show is the Apology of the week, this week featuring San Antonio Spur, Toni Parker, chairman of past company Barilla, Guido Barilla, Vancouver’s City Council, and many more.