The Listening Post Asks: How Should We Deal With The Opioid Crisis?

Jul 27, 2017

In 2016 there were more drug related deaths than murders in New Orleans. Mostly due to opioids. Mayor Mitch Landrieu says he has a plan to deal with the growing national opioid epidemic. The Listening Post turned it's attention to opioids and asked:

1) What evidence of the opioid epidemic have you seen? How has it impacted you?

2) What would you do if someone you knew was addicted to opioids, like heroin or oxycodone? 

3) What strategies would help communities better deal with drug epidemics?

Here's a couple of our favorite answers:

1) "I used to think drug addiction was fueled by despair, but now the chemistry of these new opioids is frightening. Just a few days - even if it's a legitimate need (meaning Rx) - your body is hooked. And it's just too easy, the pills (are) too available."

2) "I would do what my friend's grandfather did and take them to our camp in Manchac and work them until (the) drugs were out of their system."

3) "JOBS! And good housing. When people aren't idle, and feeling thrown-away, most of them can move in a positive direction"

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