Louisiana Prepares For Flooding Of Mississippi And Red Rivers

Dec 31, 2015

Governor Bobby Jindal has issued a state of emergency as the Mississippi River rises due to floodwater making its way south after heavy rain the Midwest.

Mike Steele, spokesman with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, says the declaration allows state agencies to coordinate emergency preparations, such as diverting water and reinforcing levees.

Steele says, “We have a little time now before the situation could get critical here, so what we’re asking is that if people live along the Red River or the Mississippi River --  if they have businesses that are along the river -- now is the time to take action.”   

The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings along the length of the river.

The Army Corps of Engineers is considering opening the Bonnet Carre and Morganza Spillways in order to divert floodwaters in coming weeks. On Wednesday the Corps opened a flood control structure about 50 miles northwest of Baton Rouge to distribute water between the Mississippi and the Atchafalaya Rivers.

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