NOPD Arrests Man Suspected Of Killing Officer

Jun 21, 2015

New Orleans police have arrested a man suspected of fatally shooting an officer. The suspect had escaped from a patrol car while on his way to jail.

Police say the assault suspect was handcuffed in the back of a patrol car but managed to bring his hands forward, climb into the front seat and shoot veteran officer Daryle Holloway. The patrol car crashed and suspect Travis Boys ran away.

Twenty-four hours later he was captured after being spotted on a city bus, with broken handcuffs still attached. Police Superintendent Michael Harrison says the officer’s gun was found in his holster. Two other guns were retrieved from the patrol car, one of which, police say, was used to kill Holloway.

“Now how Boys was able to retrieve this weapon is still under investigation.”  

After his arrest, Boys was taken for hospital treatment for dehydration.