Out To Lunch: Raw Jazz

Feb 16, 2017

One of our favorite foods here in Louisiana is raw oysters. Oysters are also the favorite place to hang out for a couple of bacteria that are very unfriendly to human beings. Notwithstanding, nobody in Louisiana has gotten sick from a raw oyster in some time. The reason for that is a company called AmeriPure. AmeriPure kills the bad bacteria in oysters without affecting the oyster’s taste. Pat Fahey is the co-founder of AmeriPure.

Do you ever decide to go for the healthy option at lunch, and have a salad? What typically happens next is you douse the salad with a delicious dressing filled with enough bad stuff to undo the health benefits of your good intentions. Richard Hanley’s company, Hanley's Foods, makes salad dressings as healthy as your salad, that taste as good as the unhealthy salad dressing.

If you listen to Out to Lunch you've heard Peter say "All the music on Out to Lunch is written and performed by Mitch Forman." Mitch drops by for lunch with some music business news: there is apparently a way for musicians to scam Spotify. Mitch doesn't actually use the word "scam" but see if you can figure out what's going on.